Inspired In Christ

Comfort and Cheer in 2020

Everyone loves to greet a New Decade and looks forward to those first 12 months, finding them refreshing.

We've had a really rough start to 2020 here in Australia with Bush Fires and now the Corona Virus to watch out for.

At present, like other countries, we've had most places we love going out to and friendship gatherings etc

shut down for 6 Months. It isn't easy!

I feel to add this Menu to Inspired In Christ to bring some Comfort and some Cheer, a little Guidance and Helpful Tips in this time of need, so my Readers and Visitors don't feel alone in these coming months. I wish you all well,

God's Keeping Power and Rest in your spirit.    

Will write some more on this page but or now, I wish to place a few pages here where they will be noticed - I was concerned that you might miss them if I placed them in other Menus of this website.   

Shall we go?

Perfect Peace

Promise Of Undisturbed Peace