Interactive Inspirational Polls

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These are Polls with a difference - they're Inspirational, and spiritually designed for Christians. We can stop for a while and ponder different things like these: Who is Jesus Mostly to Us? Who we Would Like Him to Be? Which Facets Challenge us? Which Bible Versions do we Like Reading? Which Versions have we Discovered on this Website and enjoy using?

There will also be: Philippians 4 Thought Patterns and Actions, Ways to Love Others 1 Co 13 and MORE.

Looking Closely at our Walk with Jesus and being Inspired.

These Polls are also made with this in mind, we can visit this Page sometimes for Revision and see what

progress we have made each time we participate (myself included).

Good News - NO Email Address Required. Short 2-5 Line Comments Welcome (not too lengthy).

Who Is Jesus Mostly To You? Select 3 - 5 Of These. free polls
What Would You Like To Experience Jesus As? Select 2 - 4 Of These. free polls
A Challenge For Me To Find Jesus As. Select 2 or 3 Of These. free polls

Growing In Love 1 Co 13 – Which Ones Best Describe You? free polls
Which Love Characteristics Do You Put Into Practice – Really? free polls
Which Love Characteristics And Deeds Could You Grow In? free polls

What My Readers Are Saying

I love this page! These Polls are fun and interactive and I will definitely share this with my friends

to inspire them.Thank you for showing me!

Kadine from Jamaica
Janet, we see you have just added this page. Some don't participate in Polls but some DO......We hope they come to this page. What you have here is really unique and makes you think. We agree, it's also fun. We like your website very much and will come here often!
Bill and Nancy from USA

This is lovely Janet. Jesus is all of them to me. It is His example I'm trying to follow. This also allows persons to make introspection of themselves and changes as well.

Aneisha from Jamaica