Polls For Spiritual Growth

There are 5 Inspirational Polls on this Page which are spiritually designed for Christians.

Those of us who would like More in Our Walk with JESUS.

We will take a close look at the outworking of the Fruit of the Spirit in our hearts and lives.

The Importance of Prayer and God speaking to us.

What we do in Life's Situations and Decision Making.

The Importance of Scripture and Questions about Fellowship.

All of these Polls are completely anonymous, no email address required, and comments welcome.

Please feel free to participate. This is a fresh new concept on Inspired In Christ. ENJOY!

Which Fruit Of The Spirit Describes You? Gauge Your Spiritual Growth.
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Which Fruit Of The Spirit Do You Need To Grow In? Stay Close.
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Importance Of Prayer And When God Is Speaking To You?
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What Do You Do In Life’s Situations? Circumstances and Decision Making.
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How Important Is Scripture To You? And Questions About Fellowship.
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Tips From Believers. See If These

Inspire You. What Comes To Mind?

Jesus Loves Me More Than I Love Him.

He Lives For Me, I Live For Him.

Holiness Means, I Don't Do Or Say Things Jesus Would Not.

Try Not To Mix Religion With Jesus.

Keep Simplicity In Your Walk With Jesus.

Church Attendance Or Beliefs Should Not Be More Important Than Our Personal Connection With JESUS.

Gospel Means GOOD NEWS: People Will Believe It Better If We Live It.

David Encouraged Himself In The Lord.

Don't Pay For Blessings - Trust Him!