True Hebrew Name Of God

Revealed by a Jewish Rabbi Nehemiah Gordon

who is a descendant (11 Generations) of one of the

Jewish Rabbis who decided together, to Hide the Name of God from the World

(Gentiles and even Jews) because they considered it too Holy for people to speak.

This was the Rabbi's idea, not a Command from The Lord (an unthinkable thing) and now made known

by one of their descendants who had a passionate love for a certain Jewish Song from an

early age and now understands why after his recent discovery as a Jewish Researcher with a

remarkable gifting and leading of the Almighty, to make His Name known again in the Earth.

This is actually the beginning of a fulfillment of Prophetic Scripture (in the old testament)

he is doing this. And he has written a book called


which covers the story on how His Name was hidden. But we get to hear these things

right here in this Video.

  Here It Is - Now Proclaimed!

He Has A Unique Heritage. You Should Hear This